Write Effective PPC Advertisement Text by Shopping at the Supermarket

Published: 05th January 2012
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Shopping at the supermarket and wandering around the aisles teaches a lot more about how to write effective pay per click advertisement text than we might first imagine. Here’s how...

A supermarket aisle is, essentially, just a real life search engine results page, full of organic search listings and paid search advertisements, waiting to be clicked on or “lifted from the shelf and put in the basket” as it were.

Even down to the fact that sometimes in the supermarket we put a product in our basket, but before we get to checkout we ditch it for something else or just ditch it completely, in the same way that an internet user clicks on an advertisement but doesn’t always go all the way through to conversion.

Sometimes we see something in the supermarket, put it in the basket, but take it out before we get to the checkout and then we return a few days later with the sole intention of buying that product as we have had more time to think about it. This is, of course, pay per click remarketing. Genius!

The point is that we need to learn how the supermarket environment can help us to write more effective pay per click advertisements that encourage internet users to click on our advertisements (pick the product up from the shelf) and then follow the entire process through to conversion (buy that product before leaving the store).

The following tips are designed to explain how we can use the supermarket experience to write effective pay per click advertisement text:

1. Recognizing the basics of form and structure
The first parallel to take into account between pay per click advertisements on a SERP and products in a supermarket aisle is that both the advertisement and the product use headlines, slogans, keywords and calls-to-action to attract the internet user / supermarket shopper enough that they click / put the product into their basket.

In addition, there are many different brands available in the supermarket aisle, just as there are many different companies fighting the grab the attention of the internet user performing a Google search, for instance.

Both the product and the pay per click advertisement need to make use of keywords and writing style to try and beat the other companies to the post. This is when appealing to the consumer’s needs, wants, desires or ideals becomes important when selling in the supermarket or writing advertisement text for pay per click advertising campaigns.

2. Recognizing the ways in which different customers / internet users are targeted
Let’s take the classic washing powder product as an example for analysis.

There are supermarket aisles full of different washing powder brands and washing powder types that are all trying to appeal to a particular type of supermarket shopper. Take a look at the list below which outlines some of the many washing powder ideas and who they might be targeting to get a better idea of where we are going with this idea:

1. Washing powder that claims to be “soft” = appealing to mothers who are concerned about looking after their young children and taking care of their soft skin.

2. Washing powder that claims to be sweet smelling like a meadow = appealing to people who are forced to live in dingy apartments and who are constantly craving to sense the freshness of the outdoors in their lives.

3. Washing powder that claims to be tough on stains = appealing to people who play lots of sports outside or who work in the construction industry and need to get tough on their clothes.

4. The cheapest washing powder = appealing to those people who are on a tight budget for whatever reason.

5. Luxury washing powder = appealing to those people who believe that quality is important and must always be considered before anything else, including price.

6. Organic washing powder = appealing to those people who care about the environment and want to do their bit for their planet.

7. NEW IMPROVED washing powder by a recognized brand = appealing to those consumers who hate change and who are very loyal to products that they know and trust, but who are willing to be romanced by the idea of something a little different.

The list could be endless. In subtle ways, the manufacturers in the washing powder industry are using your ideals, desires and interests to appeal to you in any way possible in order to get you to buy their washing powder and carry it all the way to the check.

Pay per click advertisements on the Google SERP work in exactly the same way. Each advertisement is trying to attract the internet user and beat the other pay per click advertisements on the page. If you want to improve the quality of the pay per click advertisements that you write, you need to start pulling on the interests, desires, needs and ideals of your particular target audience.

This is the key to writing effective pay per click advertisement text. Who would have thought that supermarket aisles could be the key to effective pay per click advertising?

Learn just how to put things successfully into action below...

3. Using this analysis to better market our pay per click advertisements by targeting internet users via their interests, dreams and ideals
There are a few things that you should take from the supermarket aisle and put into your advertisement text if you want to write advertisement text that is more effective in general. These include:

1. Never write your advertisement text by thinking about what it is you are advertising. Always think about who it is you are advertising to first.

2. Be very, very clear who this audience is too. “Women” is too vague, for example. Really narrow things down and look at the kind of woman you are targeting.

3. Ask yourself what kinds of desires and ambitions your woman has, what she believes in, what makes her happy and what she considers to be worth spending her money on.

4. Then choose your keywords and arm your advertisement text to attract “that” woman in particular. Make it an advertisement “for her,” that will really make her feel that the advertisement itself was “made for her and her alone.”

This is the key to writing effective pay per click advertisement text and this is why strolling around your local supermarket for a few hours one day might just give you the inspiration that your pay per click advertising campaign has been calling out for.

Tracey Chandler contributes to Webrageous’ pay per click advertising blog on a regular basis and shares many more tips on writing effective pay per click advertisements that you can take full advantage of at any time.

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